Consignment Prototype PCB Assembly OEM Board

Name: Consignment Prototype PCB Assembly OEM Board
Origin: China
Certified: UL, CE, RoHS
Max Layer:36L
Solder Mask: Green, Black, Blue, Red, Matt Green
Board Thickness: customized
Surface finish: HASL/ lead-free HASL

Product Details

What exactly does Consignment Prototype PCB Assembly mean?

  • Consignment prototype PCB assembly is a sort of manufacturing where a client supplies all the materials and parts required to put together a prototype printed circuit board (PCB). In this arrangement, the client is in charge of locating and providing all the components, including the bare PCBs, electrical components, connections, and any other parts that may be needed.
  • The PCB assembly service provider, sometimes a contract manufacturer (CM) or assembly house, is in charge of putting the prototype PCB together using the supplied components and in accordance with the client’s specifications. The CM will normally be equipped with the skills, tools, and facilities required managing the assembly process effectively and guaranteeing quality.

Consignment prototype PCB assembly entails the following steps:

All necessary components and materials, including the PCBs, are sourced and purchased by the customer.

  • Verification of Received Components:

The CM may examine the components to ensure their legitimacy, quality, and suitability for the assembly procedure.

  • PCB Assembly:

The CM assembles the prototype PCBs using their tools and the customer’s specifications. This involves employing methods like surface mount technology (SMT) or through-hole technology (THT) to solder the components onto the PCBs.

  • Quality Control and Testing:

To make sure the built PCBs are functional and satisfy the criteria, they go through a comprehensive inspection and testing process.

  • Packaging and delivery:

Following testing and assembly, the CM may package the final prototypes in accordance with the client’s specifications and make arrangements for delivery.

The Pros of Consignment PCB Assembly for Prototypes:


Consignment prototype PCB assembly allows you to supply your own components for the assembly process, which reduces costs. You have more control over the price and quality of the parts used in your PCBs when you source the components yourself. This frequently results in cost savings, particularly if you can identify cheaper or more suitable components without compromising performance.

Availability and dependability:

Consignment assembly gives you the ability to pick particular components that are appropriate for your project. Components might be chosen based on performance, availability, dependability, or any other factors that are crucial to your design. This flexibility is especially useful for specialized or one-of-a-kind applications where commercially available components might not be appropriate.

Essential for project:

Consignment assembly enables you to maintain ownership of your IP. Since you supply the components, you may keep the design knowledge under wraps, minimizing the exposure of your secret data to outside assembly service providers. When working on sensitive projects or using cutting-edge technology, this is often essential.

Applications of Consignment Prototype PCB Assembly:

  • A manufacturing method known as consignment prototype PCB assembly involves the customer providing the materials and components required producing printed circuit board (PCB) prototypes. The PCBs are subsequently put together by the assembly service provider in accordance with the client’s instructions.
  • Consignment prototype for electronics in electronics prototype, where engineers and developers require short turnaround times for testing and validation, PCB assembly is frequently employed. The client can have control over the caliber and choice of the parts used in the assembly process by providing the relevant components.
  • To construct and test new electrical designs, R&D organizations frequently use the prototype PCB assembly. Researchers can concentrate on the design aspect while leaving the assembly to a skilled service provider.

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