Impedance PCB

Impedance PCB

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Expedited Service

24-hour impedance control PCB prototype expedited service

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Without any minimum order restrictions, provide high-performance PCBs in the shortest time

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we provide 24-hour service and support, you will receive a reply to your question within 2 hours and a quotation within 24 hours.

Free DFM service

Before the official production of the PCB, we will conduct a free DFM review service and support free Allegro, Altium, Protel, PADS, OBD, Gerber and other formats.

Impedance PCB FAQ
1. Does Solder Mask Affect Impedance?
Solder mask coatings can reduce impedance by up to several ohms.
2. Why do we need controlled impedance?
Controlled impedance is important for solving signal integrity problems, which are distortion-free propagation of signals.
3. How is PCB impedance calculated?
The impedance of a circuit board trace depends on: trace width and thickness. The height of the dielectric layer between the signal trace and the reference plane. The dielectric constant of the dielectric material used in the circuit board.
4. What is an Impedance PCB?
Impedance is the combination of capacitance and inductance when a circuit operates at high frequencies.

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