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Gold Finger PCB

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Before the official production of the PCB, we will conduct a free DFM review service and support free Allegro, Altium, Protel, PADS, OBD, Gerber and other formats.

Goldfinger PCB FAQ
1. How many kinds of gold are suitable for PCB gold finger plating process?
Two types: electroless nickel immersion gold and electroplated hard gold.
2. Why did these fingers choose gold?
Because it has the highest corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity after copper and silver. Gold is sometimes used in combination with cobalt and nickel to increase the wear resistance of the fingers.
3. What is Goldfinger?
Gold fingers are gold-plated, narrow connectors on the edge of a printed circuit board that enable connections between multiple circuit boards. They are made of meat gold, the hardest form of gold available, which works for long periods of time and has excellent conductivity.

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