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Telecommunication: Our Services

Nov 05, 2020

From the beginning, we started to provide the membrane keypads, graphic overlays, rubber keypads, PCBA, and integrated assemblies service for the telecommunication & networking industry. Until now.

We have more than 8 years of OEM experiences in this market. We not only provide the pure membrane keypads, overlays and rubber keypads, we also provides the PCBA manufacturing service and the integrated assemblies service. From plastic, metal, cable, rubber, keypad, front panel, display etc. to finally assembly and testing. We can deliver completed products to our end customers.

Telecommunication and Networking equipments are usually not too complicated, but usually they have big size and many electronic components. And also the completed products include the plastic shell, metal shelf, connection cables, connectors, rubber keypad, membrane keypad interface etc. Leadsintec has the completed supply chain and can source the required materials and components within very short lead time from our ISO9001 certified suppliers, which make us can make assembled integrated products to our end customers fastly.

Our Services in Telecommunication Industry Includes:

  • Network switches and front panels.
  • Telephone rubber keyboards and inner PCBA.
  • ATM machine operation control keypad panel and inner electronic assemblies.
  • Auto-vending machine keypad and its inner PCBA.
  • POS machine rubber keypad/membrane keypad and the integrated assembly.
  • Bank electronic password card.
  • Telecommunication system.
  • Other related equipment and instruments.



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