RADXA CM3 CORE pcb /pcba electronics assembly high quality bom smt pcba

Name: RADXA CM3 CORE pcb /pcba electronics assembly high quality bom smt pcba
Origin: China
Certified: UL, CE, RoHS
Base Material: FR4/High TG FR-4/M4/ M6/Rogers/Nelco/Isola
Surface Finishing: OSP, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Ag
Copper Thickness: 1 – 4OZ
Board Thickness: customized

Product Details

What is so great about RADXA CM3 CORE PCB?

Due to its rugged construction and extensive feature set, the RADXA CM3 CORE PCB is the perfect choice for industrial applications. It offers a strong and dependable foundation for various applications and is intended to be utilized with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3). The complex features of this PCB, including a real-time clock, advanced power management, and extensive GPIO control, are all meant to be simple to use. You can adhere to these methods to create a superior BOM (Bill of Materials) and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) for RADXA CM3 Core:

  1. BOM Planning:

  • Find the BOM in the manufacturer’s official documentation for the RADXA CM3 Core.
  • All the parts required for the PCB assembly are listed in the BOM.
  • Verify the components’ availability and dependability from reliable vendors.
  1. Component Choice:

  • To assure quality and dependability, use components from reliable producers.
  • Consider cost, lead time, availability, and performance requirements when choosing components.
  • To prevent supply chain problems, look for alternatives or second sources for crucial components.
  1. RADXA CM3 CORE PCB provides PCB Design and Layout:

  • Make the PCB design files for the RADXA CM3 Core or get them.
  • Observe recommended practices for PCB layout, such as signal integrity concerns, trace routing, and good component placement.
  • Make that the PCB design complies with the manufacturing and assembly standards of the assembly facility of your choice.
  1. Assembling SMT:

  • Choose a reputable and knowledgeable SMT assembly PCB assembly service supplier.
  • Please give them the PCB design files, the BOM, and unique assembly instructions.
  • Make sure the assembly facility can handle high-density PCBs and fine-pitch components.
  • With the assembly facility, review quality control methods such as component inspection, solder paste application, and reflow profiles.
  1. RADXA CM3 CORE PCB offers Quality Control:

  • To ensure the PCBAs’ quality, conduct checks, and testing during and after assembly.
  • Visually check the soldering, the location of the components, and any potential flaws.
  • Put functional testing into practice by turning on the boards and evaluating their operation.
  • Based on your needs, consider extra testing such as boundary scan, in-circuit, or functional testing.
  1. Packaging and documentation:

  • Create thorough documentation, including assembly instructions, test protocols, and handling specifications.
  • The PCBAs should be properly packaged to avoid damage during shipping.

Unleash the Power of the RADXA CM3 CORE PCB:

  • For embedded systems and IoT applications, the RADXA CM3 CORE PCB is a potent computing solution that opens up many options. The CM3 CORE PCB was created by RADXA, a top manufacturer of single-board computers, and offers developers, enthusiasts, and professionals alike a convenient size and remarkable performance.
  • The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3), which has a 1.2GHz Broadcom BCM2837 CPU and 1GB of RAM, is at the heart of the RADXA CM3. Even for difficult jobs, this combination provides smooth and effective operation. The CM3 may be easily integrated into various applications and bespoke designs because of its incorporation within a small PCB form factor.
  • A wide range of functions and connectivity choices are available on the CM3 CORE PCB. It has GPIO headers, an SD card slot, and HDMI and USB interfaces for connecting to external devices. Wireless connectivity is effortless with inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, offering remote control and monitoring features.
  • The adaptability of the CM3 CORE PCB is one of its main benefits. It may be utilized in various applications, including robotics, industrial control systems, home automation, and entertainment devices. It is especially well suited for portable and embedded projects because of its tiny form size and low power consumption.


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