OEM Boosted Board Inverter through hole PCB

Name: OEM Boosted Board Inverter through hole PCB
Origin: China
Certified: UL, CE, RoHS
Application: Electronics Device
Copper Thickness: 2 OZ
Surface Finishing: HASL
Board Thickness: 0.2mm-7.0mm
Solder mask color: Blue. green. red. black. white. etc.
Layer: 1-58 Layers

Product Details

What is Boosted Board Inverter Board through hole PCB?

The Inverter Board from Boosted Board is a cutting-edge product that powers electric skateboards using through-hole PCBs. Through-hole PCBs provide the stability and dependability required to guarantee a smooth and effective ride. This Boosted Board Inverter through hole PCB is made to directly slot into the Boosted Board deck, and it provides dependable power with a long lifespan. It is also highly efficient, dissipates less heat, and has a long operating life. The direct current (DC) from the battery is transformed into alternating current (AC) using this particular sort of printed circuit board (PCB).

Beneficial aspects of boosted Board Inverter Board through PCB:

  • Reliability and toughness:

Through-hole PCBs are renowned for their dependability and robustness. In order to provide a reliable mechanical connection, the components are soldered to the PCB on both sides. Due to its resistance to vibrations and other pressures, the Boosted Board Inverter  ensures long-term endurance even in challenging conditions.

  • Enhanced electrical performance:

Improvements in electrical performance are made possible by through-hole PCBs, which offer superior electrical conductivity and signal integrity. Compared to components made using surface-mount technology (SMT), through-hole connectors provide a more solid and durable electrical connection. This is crucial for the Boosted Board Inverter because it needs accurate and trustworthy power delivery to drive motors.

  • Higher power handling capability:

When compared to SMT PCBs, through-hole PCBs have a higher power and current handling capacity. The Inverter Board, which needs effective power distribution to regulate the electric motors, benefits from this. The board can manage higher power demands because the through-hole architecture enables bigger components and improved thermal dissipation.

  • Customization and adaptability:

Through-hole PCBs provide more scope for alteration and adaption to particular design specifications. The PCB’s perforations make it simple to insert extra wire, connections, or adjustments. Because of this, the Inverter Board with Through-Hole PCB may be modified to meet unique performance or functional requirements.

Uses of Boosted Board Inverter Board through-hole PCB:

The Boosted Board Inverter with through-hole PCB has a unique use with the Boosted Board electric skateboard.

  • Electrical safety:

To safeguard the motors, batteries, and entire system, the inverter board also has a number of safety mechanisms. This might involve fault finding, temperature monitoring, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection. For the purpose of integrating these safety features, extra components and wiring may be included thanks to the through-hole PCB design.

  • Motor control:

The  board regulates the torque, speed, and direction of its electric motors. It takes the motor controller’s signals and converts them into the necessary power outputs to run the motors. For effective motor control, through-hole PCBs offer the reliable electrical connections and heat dissipation characteristics that are required.

  • Power conversion:

The Boosted Board Inverter Board converts the direct current power provided by the battery into the alternating current power needed by the electric motors. To produce the correct AC waveform, this conversion process rapidly turns on and off the electricity. During this conversion process, the through-hole PCB minimizes losses and guarantees dependable power delivery.

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