Through Hole Plain Bga Photopositive Pcb Assembly for Sale

Through Hole Plain Bga Photopositive Pcb Assembly for Sale
Origin: China
Certified: UL, CE, RoHS
Copper Thickness: 1OZ,2OZ,3OZ 4OZ 5OZ Customization
Surface Finishing: OSP, HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion Tin etc.
Solder mask: Green, Black, Blue, Red, white etc.
Board thickness: 0.3-3.5mm

Product Details

What are the pros of Through Hole Plain Bga Photopositive Pcb Circuit Board?

  • Increased Mechanical Strength:

Because through-hole plain PCBs have plated-through holes, they have an increased mechanical strength. Conducive material is used to fill these gaps, improving structural stability and vibration and stress resistance.

  • High Component Density:

The PCB may accommodate a greater component density thanks to through-hole plain BGA technology. More components may be placed on the board’s surface thanks to the ball grid array packaging, which increases the functionality and reduces the size of electrical devices.

  • Through Hole Plain Bga Photopositive Pcb Circuit Board offers Better Heat Dissipation:

Through-hole plain BGA PCBs are designed to efficiently dissipate heat. The solder balls on the BGA package’s bottom create a thermal channel that is conductive and aids in dispersing heat produced by the components. For equipment that produces a lot of heat, such as CPUs and power electronics, this function is very useful.

A better electrical performance is provided by through hole plain Bga photopositive PCB. Faster signal transmission, lower impedance, and less signal loss are all made possible by the short electrical line between the components and the PCB. As a result, overall circuit performance and signal integrity are enhanced.

  • Enhanced Reliability:

The PCB’s reliability is improved by the Through Hole Plain BGA package design. Better resistance to mechanical and thermal stress is provided by the solder balls, which create a solid connection between the PCB and the components. As a consequence, the durability and tolerance to environmental elements like temperature changes and vibrations are increased.

What are the applications of Through Hole Plain Bga Photopositive Pcb Circuit Board?

Numerous industries use through hole plain Bga photopositive PCB circuit board. Here are a few typical examples:

  • Electronics Manufacturing:

Through-hole plain PCB boards are often used for building and connecting electronic components in the electronics manufacturing industry. For mounting integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, and other electronic parts, they offer a solid surface.

  • Automobile Industry:

Through hole plain Bga photopositive PCB is used in automobile applications. They are utilized in modern automobiles’ engine control units (ECUs), powertrain systems, entertainment systems, dashboard electronics, and different sensors.

  • Aerospace and Defence:

For crucial applications, the aerospace and defence industries use Through Hole Plain PCB circuit boards. These boards are utilized in avionics, communication devices, radar systems, and electronics of the highest calibre for the military.

  • Through Hole Plain Bga Photopositive Pcb use in Medical devices:

Devices for the medical industry use PCB circuit boards using BGA technology. They are utilized in laboratory apparatus, implanted medical devices, patient monitoring systems, and medical imaging gadgets.

  • Industrial Automation:

Systems for industrial automation employ through-hole plain PCB boards. They are used in robotics, motor control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other automated machinery.

  • Electronics for the general public:

A variety of consumer electronics products use Plain BGA PCB circuit boards. These include of wearable technology as well as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, televisions, and household appliances.

  • Telecommunications:

Through-hole plain PCB boards are essential in the telecommunications sector. They are utilized in base stations, routers, switches, networking devices, and communication infrastructure.

  • Through Hole Plain Bga Photopositive Pcb used in Energy industry:

Power generation, distribution, and control in the energy industry all include BGA photopositive PCB circuit boards. They are used in power inverters, smart grids, energy storage, and renewable energy systems.


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