SMT330-X SMT Automatic LED Light SMD Equipment

Name: SMT330-X SMT Automatic LED Light SMD Equipment
Origin: China
Certified: UL, CE, RoHS
Surface finish: HASL/ lead-free HASL
Solder mask :green, blue, white, red, etc
Application: PCB SMT LED SMD

Product Details

SMT330-X SMT Automatic LED Light Introduced:

A state-of-the-art automated LED light using Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the SMT330-X is made to deliver effective and dependable lighting solutions for various applications. The SMT330-X delivers cutting-edge features and superior performance whether you require illumination for industrial buildings, commercial spaces, or residential locations. A versatile and dependable lighting option that combines cutting-edge technology, energy economy, and usability is the SMT330-X SMT Automatic LED Light. The SMT330-X provides great performance, durability, and aesthetics to improve any setting, whether you require illumination for your office, business, or home.

Which Characteristics of SMT330-X SMT Automatic LED Light Stand Out?

  • Autonomous Operation:

The SMT330-X has cutting-edge sensors that make the automated operation possible. It can gauge the amount of ambient light and change its brightness accordingly. This function guarantees ideal illumination while saving electricity.

  • High-Efficiency LEDs:

The SMT330-X produces bright, homogeneous illumination using high-quality LEDs. These LEDs provide substantial cost savings compared to conventional lighting options due to their high energy efficiency.

  • Brightness Adjustment:

The SMT330-X’s light output may be quickly changed to accommodate various needs. The SMT330-X features adjustable brightness settings so that you may use it for either intense task lighting for fine work or soft ambient lighting for leisure.

  • Long Lifespan:

The SMT330-X SMT Automatic LED Light lifespan of up to 50,000 hours guarantees long-term dependability and lower maintenance expenses. Longer product life results from its sturdy structure and effective heat dissipation design.

  • Efficiency in Design: 

The SMT330-X is designed to use as little energy as possible without sacrificing performance. Utilizing clever light management and efficient LEDs lowers power costs and promotes environmental sustainability.

  • Smart Control Options: 

The SMT330-X may be linked with smart lighting control systems, enabling remote operation and scheduling. This allows centralizing control, optimizing energy use, and altering lighting settings to suit particular needs.

  • Broad Beam Angle: 

The SMT330-X has a broad beam angle that covers a huge area with a steady stream of light. Because of this, it may be used in various contexts, including workplaces, warehouses, shops, and homes.

  • Simple Installation of SMT330-X SMT Automatic LED Light: 

The SMT330-X is made to be installed quickly and easily. It may be mounted on ceilings, walls, or other appropriate surfaces. It comes with a mounting kit and detailed instructions to make setup simple.

LEIYAO, SMT330-X SMT Automatic LED Light: The automatic LED light use that simplifies your life:

The SMT330-X is a cutting-edge automated LED light created to improve your lighting experience and make life easier. This LED light provides convenience, energy economy, and customization possibilities thanks to its cutting-edge features and smart functioning. A motion sensor built into the SMT330-X picks up movement within its detection range.

This makes it possible for the light to turn on when someone enters the room and to turn off when no motion is detected, ensuring that you always have light without fiddling with a manual switch. The SMT330-X normally has a manual override option in addition to automated functionality. This enables you to manually manage the light whenever you choose, such as whether to always leave it on or briefly switch it off.





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