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Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturing

Nov 25, 2020

LuphiTouch is not a professional capacitive switches designer and manufacturer, but also a professional capacitive switch testing equipment manufacturing company.

Since we are the best testing equipment manufacturing company, thus we came up with MTK002. It is automatic function testing for capacitive switches, capacitive touch sensor film circuits. It can also test and judge various defective issues of the capacitive buttons quickly and efficaciously.

At the same time, it can record and keep all test data of each product in real-time. This equipment worked online. If only want to judge “ok” or “not ok” of the capacitive switch’s function, please inquiry us for the offline tester.

In addition, this capacitive switch test equipment consists of testing control PCBA board, raster safety guard, pneumatic cylinder, material tray, testing software, HMI display and out metal enclosure. The whole tester is around 100.00kg and its size is about 610 x 420 x 610mm.

For more details of this capacitive switches function testing equipment, please click here: MTK002 Capacitive Switch Function Tester (Online).

If you are interested in this tester, please feel free to inquiry us by jasony@luphitech.com

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