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Electronics Design

Electronics Design

Nov 01, 2020

LUPHITOUCH designs, prototypes and develops various electronic hardware in a customized and highly accurate manner. We can convert your ideas or functional diagrams, electronics design into electronic circuits or products that can help electronic devices perform their functions. We have a team of skilled engineers dedicated to creating an excellent electronic design.

In addition, our electronics experts have launched many exciting new projects in multiple industries. For instance, medical, scientific instrumentation, security, and the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. For more complex designs, we cooperate with a few specially selected electronic design companies to provide the highest level of professional design skills.

Today’s new product development process uses the most advanced CAD software tools. They use this tool to transfer your design from the initial concept to a fully designed PCB including hardware and firmware.

With more than 12 years of experience, our versatile engineers can advise on all-new PCB product designs. Thus, ensuring that your circuit boards are most suitable for manufacturing and testing. From beginning to end-we guarantee that we have considered everything.

Electronics Design: Touch sensing switch circuit and PCB design

Most of China’s capacitive membrane switch manufacturers only can provide subcontract OEM manufacturing services. In other words, they only can provide manufacturing service, especially for some simple capacitive touch keypads. They need customers to provide completed designed drawings. But TEINGESCH is different. We are not only just manufacture but also a designer. We can provide our design service for both the mechanical structure and electronics parts. Usually, the capacitive touch HMI needs to combine capacitive sensing switches, backlighting, slider, sound feedback, pressure force feedback, etc.

And sometimes the end customers are not very familiar with these technologies, then they need the supplier has enough capability to make design and develop for them. The electronics part design including capacitive sensing switch circuit design, backlighting design, slider design, PCBA design etc. TEINGESCH’s electronics engineer can make these designs and also design PCB Gerber file.

Components Selection and Sourcing

When design the capacitive sensing circuit, first need consider use what kind of electronics components and each type components need use how many pieces, and the components position layout etc factors, then based on each component’s electrical connection logic, wanted function, and customer’s other requirements to design circuit. This requir electronic design engineer has very good electronic knowledge and riched design experiences in capacitive touch HMI field. To cooperate with TEINGESCH for your capacitive touch projects, you just need tell us your wanted function, then our electronic engineer can design the circuit and make components BOM list for you.

We can do

  • Capacitive sensing switch design
  • PCBA design
  • Components selection
  • Components quantity confirming
  • Gerber file and BOM list making
  • Components sourcing
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