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Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Nov 25, 2020

What Is Contract Manufacturing?

The international market widely uses contract manufacturing. It means that the design company would have a different geographical location as to the company that is placing the order. Some call this type of manufacturing, international outsourcing and international subcontracting.

The company that needs its product manufactured in another factory will provide the manufacturing factory with the product specifications. This type of agreement may also require the company to provide all necessary materials for production.

And manufacturing factory’s credit is also very important. It is necessary to ensure that all documents and information are secret. You should not expose them an the third party.

This process basically involves outsourcing the production of certain goods to a foreign market through a partner that produces and brands the product privately.

Many companies across a variety of industries can benefit from contract manufacturing. Since the process is essentially outsourcing production in foreign markets to a partner that privately brands the end product. There are a number of different companies and industries that can make use of this type of contract.

Especially companies that specialize in product design, development, branding cultivating, tend to subcontract their products to another inshore or offshore manufacturing factories.


Companies often choose contract manufacturing for a few primary reasons, including affording and effective ways to bring new products to the market. and distribute them broadly. Both parties gain their profit from this manufacturing activity.

LuphiTouch is an ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certified manufacturer. It also has an anti-static clean room, skilled workers, an experienced engineering team, state-of-art equipment, and 10+ years of EMS experience. This helps in providing electronics contract manufacturing service to customers from diverse fields. For instance, medical, consumer electronics, defense, healthcare, telecommunication, networking, etc. fields.

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